Like, the cultural disdain for the Bronx

And the wholly genocidal whitewashing of our history here is disgusting.

And it happens anywhere there is a plurality or majority of folks of color, especially Black folks.

Like, people talk about the Bronx like it’s still 1977 and goons hired by the Mayor are burning down buildings.

On my way to work, I can pass by the Armory, a Mormon Church, Edgar Allan Poe’s house, and an assortment of thriving businesses owned by immigrants from at least three continents.

And that’s just in the space of like, literally three blocks.

There’s watch towers along the river, expanses of farmlands, neighborhoods that nurtured and are nurturing generations of artists, performers, musicians. The same borough that white folks do anything to pretend they’re not part of (just look at how white-majority neighborhoods linguistically isolate themselves; I’ve rarely ever heard white folks say “The Bronx” instead of their neighborhood).

Man, if you can’t get down, get out.