I’m watching Batman: The Animated Series

And it’s the first time in forever, probably since it originally came out, to be honest.

And I’m squealing all on the inside.

And then a thought came into my head.

And it’s half blasphemous, half amazing.

I want a gritty live-action reboot of Gargoyles.

I think all the VAs are still alive (I mean the only one who might be trouble is Ed Asner, but I figure since he’s managed to live this long being one foot in the grave he could last a little longer).

The best part is they could legit cast Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Elisa and it wouldn’t be unbelievable. The only real casting issue might be Jonathan Frakes, he’s gotten kinda pudgy, and Xanatos is supposed to be more built…and…like…I dunno, 20+ years younger.

Actually, honestly, most of the female (human) characters could still be played by their VAs (including Cree Summer, because SQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!). It’s really only the human male characters that would have to be recast.

I could live with that. Though…I mean…Jonathan Frakes’ voice. hnnnng

But really, tell me a Gargoyles film wouldn’t be bad ass.