From the Mother Jones article:

That’s not to say 60 Minutes didn’t discuss the NYPD’s relationship to the Muslim community: They did point out that the NYPD hosts cricket games for Muslim youths in the city. But they didn’t mention that after the NYPD denied the existence of the surveillance program, the AP followed-up with documents showing that the department “maintained a list of 28 countries that, along with ‘American Black Muslim,’ it considered “ancestries of interest.” Undercover agents “were then told to participate in social activities such as cricket matches and visit cafes and clubs,” the AP explained. 

Likewise, 60 Minutes breathlessly reported that the NYPD has officers working in foreign countries gathering intelligence, but didn’t note that those officers operate with close to zero oversight from the City Council or any other legislative body. Jeff Stein reported last year that the NYPD nearly caused an incident when, in the immediate aftermath of the 2005 subway bombings in London, NYPD officers forwarded the details to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Kelly, who then held a press conference on the subject:

The British, famously secretive about their investigations, were furious, Fuentes said. “They were going to kick everybody out, including the FBI. The American ambassador is calling the FBI—’What’s the story? Who are these guys? Are they with you?’ ‘No, they’re independent.’” Scotland Yard, Special Branch and other British officials, albeit furious, Fuentes said, held their tongues, because “they didn’t want to create a diplomatic incident with Kelly and Bloomberg and New York City.”