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bapgeek2geekbap replied to your post “like I’m just wondering how many other people who reblogged that post nonny went to and told to not “talk about latin america”

i got a ping to my ask page but since i don’t allow anons they left.

see, that’s weird to me. You wanna start a convo about that post, sure, go ahead

but like, that post was made by a latin@ who is actually doing latin@/chican@ studies soooooo why not talk to them, rather than hunting through the notes to find “not latin americans” and try to make accusations or whatever that was that “wasn’t trying to be aggressive”?


Today is Racist Fuckery (10.20.14): At yesterday’s protest outside the St Louis Rams game, racist fans got rowdy and physical. Who got arrested? Two of the protesters, of course. Mike Brown means we have to fight back. #staywoke

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"Ebola is not the first transnational deadly health epidemic that has plagued the globe in my lifetime and let alone in this century. What has however colored the Ebola dynamic is the way in which we discuss the issue which we must be careful not to overwhelm with traditional racist and anti-Africa sentiments. It is time the world stops stringently holding on to an image of Africa as land of the unhealthy, starving poor. Africans are an ingenious, resilient, and innovative people who are dedicated and making strides every day to improve upon their own situations as well as international ones. What Africa suffers from is ironically not unlike the disease many members of the American Congress have succumbed to… (often) deliberate and intentional paralysis to act. Some call it lack of political will. I’m sure lobbyists and international banks probably have another fancy term for it."

Freda Koomson; Health, Africa, and Debunking Myths in the Time of Ebola

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never forget

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The Violence That Black Trans Women Face

[content warning: transmisogynoir] Tiffany Edwards, 28 years old, is a Black trans woman who was shot to death in Ohio. Cemia “Ci Ci” Dove, 20 years old, is Black trans woman who was stabbed to death and her body was further brutalized in Ohio. Mia Henderson, 26 years old, is a Black trans woman who was killed and her body experienced “severe trauma” in Maryland. Brittany-Nicole Kidd-Stergis, 22 years old, is a Black trans woman who was shot to death in Ohio.

They are just a (recent) sampling of the young Black trans women who face astronomical rates (such that most homicides among LGBTQ people are of trans women of colour, particularly Black trans women) of violence and homicide because of anti-Blackness, racism, sexism, misogyny, misogynoir, colourism, classism/economic violence, for some, misogynoir specific to sex work, and transmisogyny in general. There are so many intersecting oppressions and one that is regularly eclipsed when violence on Black trans women is discussed is anti-Blackness itself, which alludes to the ways in which the socially acceptable hatred and oppression of Black women in general amplifies for Black trans women. Even in death, as anti-Blackness never allows death to be the final act for Black people, these women are misgendered and immediately associated with crime, versus their gender and humanity honored and their lives respected. Blackness alone, let alone their other intersecting oppressions guarantees that the latter is unlikely.

Whenever street harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault, police harassment, police brutality, extrajudicial violence/execution and State violence are discussed, Black trans women’s experiences have to be included. Whether the violence is intraracial (re: what Laverne Cox explained about this, not as arbitrary Black pathology but inherently occurring because of the impact of anti-Blackness, White supremacy and more on gender for Black people), interracial (as some violence occurs to Black trans women just for existing, as with CeCe McDonald, while some is related to transmisogynoir and sex work), extrajudicial or State violence (such as the consistent willful violence from the police as in what Monica Jones experienced, healthcare and legal systems), Black trans women’s experiences have to be included. (And there’s much to be said about the impact of oppression on Black trans women and mental health since almost 50% Black trans people, in general, have attempted suicide.)

Information on violence against Black trans women and structural factors that contribute to this (some includes other LGBTQIA populations):

Devastating to regularly encounter these stories. This is also violence on Black people. Tiffany’s, Cemia’s, Mia’s and Brittany’s lives mattered. Black trans women matter.

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like I’m just wondering how many other people who reblogged that post nonny went to and told to not “talk about latin america”


still haven’t received a response 😔


still haven’t received a response 😔

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Very Simple

If you have a problem with something I reblogged you san do one of two things

  1. address the OP
  2. let me know what’s up (in the sense of the OP being wrong)

I’m not asking for a dissertation or anything, because I understand no one who’s been harmed owes that to anyone

But I’m gonna need y’all to not pretend like I’m the OP, 

unless you see me saying some shit in the tags that builds off a mistake or fuckedupness in an OP, or you see me commenting.

If your problem is with an OP, I, personally, cannot fix that.

And in the case of the whole mestizaje post thing that apparently nonny is upset about, that post is far from the first one I’ve seen talking about issues like that. It’s also far from the first one I’ve reblogged.

I refrain/ed from commenting in any way aside from reblogging it, because I don’t know enough to build a conversation or say anything. 


Anonymous said: yes, you reblogged about mestizaje.

Right, I just found it, no thanks to your cryptic ass message.

I didn’t make the claim. If you have a problem with the post, talk to the OP. I’m not ~talking~ about anything. I’m reblogging a post that draws a parallel informed by their experience and studies.



I’m gonna reblog what I reblog.


LAWL nonny

oh, is this the post you’re upset about?
The post I didn’t comment on or even add tags to?
The post that is written by someone who seems to be latin@ (I don’t follow them, so I wouldn’t know, but a brief examination of their blog suggests they are and are a latin@/chican@ scholar)